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Video: ParaTop assembly

The ParaTop is fastened to the handlebar with a ClickFix quick release fastener.

The ParaTop bar is curved, so it can be attached to most bicycles. Once ParaTop is adapted to your bike it can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

ParaTop ready after ClickFix-Adapter attachement

Attach rightsided spoke protection

Attach mudboard 

Practical pocket for roof parts

Video: ParaTop disassembly

The ParaTop can be attached at various heights. It may also be attached at the front or backside of the mounting plate.

Attach two self-adhesive velcro's to the mudguard.

Close brass connector and fully extend ParaTop

Attach leftsided spoke protection

Easy transport on bicycle rack

Netpocket for mudguard

Easy fastener

Easy assembly

Easy disassembly

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