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Finally, there's a roof for the convertible! Reach your destination dry and clean - even in rain and storm: That was our goal we set out to achieve while developing the ParaTop, the bicycle rain protection. We are excited with the result!

90 percent of all cyclists don’t use their bike in bad weather conditions. It’s obvious that noone wants to arrive wet and muddy, no matter the destination. That’s all past now! The bicycle rain protection is quick and easy to install on most bikes with mudguard. An ordinary ClickFix quick release fastener is used to fasten the ParaTop to the handlebars. Enjoy your ride in the rain!

The ParaTop is designed to withstand squalls and fast speed rides up to 60 kph. The high structural integrity is a based on high-quality materials such as GRP and CRP, and especially the elaborately designed multi-chamber back-pressure system (pat. pend.). As a result there is excellent aerodynamics and structural strength, even at high speed. Similar to an anemometer, the ParaTop is characterized by low air resistance (low drag coefficient „cw“). A low drag coefficient indicates the ParaTop will have little resistance against headwind and even a lot of support while having tailwind.

Even if you have to slow down – maybe there’s a red traffic light or a traffic jam – thanks to the large roof surface area you remain dry. As soon as you keep going again, the wide
mudguard even keeps your feet dry. Wet shoes while cycling belong to the past!

See and be seen! The bicycle rain cover can be seen from afar. Admiring looks are guaranteed! However, above all improved visibility increases your safety while cycling. Not only the ParaTop looks well, but also you are good-looking! There is no ruffled hair, no squinted eyes, no umbrella which blocks your view. Due to ParaTop's highly transparent plastic you always keep the overview. The ParaTop - well tested and carefully thought out in every detail. The ParaTop - "Rain can come!"

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